1. Enter the username only when making an Instagram order or full link when requested, if wrong any link of any services the order is not refunded
2. Do not place several orders for the same link at the same time(on this site or others), wait for the first order to finish before placing the next, refunds cannot be given in these cases.
3. Once an order is entered, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop it 99% of the time, so please try not to open tickets requesting this. If the post or profile is deleted or changed to private a refund cannot not be given.
4. All Instagram services are instant unless stated otherwise
If you face any issues please click here for 24/7 support!
Service IDs & minimum/maximum amounts can be found here


Processing times:

Facebook Page Likes - 0-24 hours start time(Gambling/Adult pages are not accepted)
Facebook Post/Picture Likes - Instant
Facebook Followers - 0-24 hours start time
Instagram Likes/Followers/Comments/Views - Instant
Instagram Comments - 0-12 hours start time
Twitter Followers/Retweets/Favorites - Instant
YouTube Views - Instant(Youtube counters update every few hours)
YouTube Likes/Subscribers - 0-24 hours start time
Google+ - 0-72 hours
LinkedIn - 0-72 hours
IMDB - 0-72 hours
Pinterest Followers/Likes - Instant
Reverbnation Song/Video Plays & Page Views - Instant
Vine Followers/Likes/Revines/Loops/Comments - Instant

Frequently Asked Questions:


Real Facebook Page Likes - Lifetime Guarantee
Guaranteed for life. We have been selling them for 6 years with no drops at all. The speed is 2-5k per day per page. All orders are processed within 24 hours.


Instagram Refill services
The server automatically checks for drops on all pages every 48 hours, and if there is any drop from our side they will be refilled automatically!


Instagram Automatic Likes + Views
Instagram Autolikes service: You will receive the amount of likes/views depending on the package you choose, so if you go for the 600 package all of your posts(up to 20 per day) will receive 600 likes and views each for a period of 30 days, just make sure not to post 2 pictures at the same time and leave at least 1 hour between posts, enjoy! P.S. The service is activated within 24 hours of ordering.


YouTube Views - 50k/day - Multiples of 1,000
Normal views, average watch time is 100 seconds, they don't have a refill/refund guarantee but haven't dropped in more than 6 months.


YouTube Views HR - Multiples of 1,000 

    100% Real Traffic - Guaranteed

    100% Real & Unique cookies (IPs)

    Views spread out evenly (No Spikes)

    Social Referrer (Twitter)

    Desktop Views (only available from us)

    Windows Operating System Views

    Up to 100,000 views per day (depending on order size)

    Normal Retention (40 seconds)

    Video must be under 1 hour

    World-Wide Views

    Minimum 1,000 views

    Maximum 100,000 views

    Views Drop guarantee

    Confidential & Anonymous

    No Vevo (for now)

    Must be Embeddable

    Must be Open to ALL Countries

Real-time Analytics: (Nobody does this)


Operating System: